Ways in Which Google Algorithm Changes Can Affect Your Websites

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on the top ranks of search engine pages. It is a process in which Google or any other search engine ranks your website on the search engine result page. There is no exact blueprint that you can follow which can let you win those top ranks of search engine pages. As Google continuously changes the way it ranks the websites on its result pages. Google’s algorithm is the way in which it ranks the website on the basis of the searched term. The algorithm is designed to handle certain issues which according to Google are affecting search results. Google many times makes changes in their algorithm but this time they have made changes in the core of their algorithm, which will affect the ranking of the different websites on the search result page.

The goal of these changes is to increase the user experience and provide them with highly relevant information to their search query. All the changes are done to improve the results that the searcher will get every time they will search for a query. There are many updates which are introduced to improve the user experience of your searcher. There is an update related to piracy, which means that Google has the right to take action against those websites who are hosting copyrighted content on their website. Another update which is called the “hummingbird” update helps in understanding the search query of the searcher in a better way so that it can provide accurate results more quickly. Google’s “doorway” update can allow the search engine to take actions against the websites which are using doorway pages – the pages which don’t provide any valuable content but are there on the top ranks for the search engines. This update had impacts on the websites which had a large number of doorway pages.

The “Groundhog” update was introduced to specially target widely-used linking scheme which was used in private blogs networks which are owned by the same entity which are used to increase the ranking of websites. Other minor updates were made into Google’s algorithm to affect the websites which use multiple doorway pages for the content which is mostly the same. These changes were made to improve the search results for the searcher and also to improve the relevancy of the result. There are many other updates which were made to affect the websites which had low-quality content and also those websites were affected which had multiple errors or irrelevant content.

There is a new update which will affect only those websites which offer a really very slow rate of user experience. With this update, Google made it clear that the speed of the website was very necessary to make a searcher have a good experience. The latest update by Google has affected the websites which can have an impact on the wellbeing or financial condition of a person such as medical or financial websites. These websites have not been punished just the other websites which are present have been ranked more highly. The websites which are highly ranked are the ones which have more authority, trust and quality and relevant content. Websites need to pass Google’s quality tests which will make them valuable.

To be safe from any effect of Google’s algorithm changes you will only need to follow legal SEO techniques and avoid the use of black hat SEO techniques. If your website has faced the drop in ranking on the search engine pages, you will need to recheck the techniques which you are using with regards to SEO and website structure.

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